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Durex Classic - 3 pcs sale

Durex Classic - 3 pcs


€3.56 €3.95

DUREX Classic Natural 1x12 DUREX Classic Natural 1x12 sale

DUREX Classic Natural 1x12

Durex Classic Naturel 1X12pc..

€8.99 €9.99

Durex Classic Natural 20st sale

Durex Classic Natural 20st

Simply Safe. The Natural Classic is the best-known condom by the brand Durex. The condoms are transp..

€17.96 €19.95

Durex Extra Safe - 12 Pieces sale

Durex Extra Safe - 12 Pieces

Durex Feel Safe condoms contain an extra layer of lubricant. They have a slightly thicker design tha..

€13.45 €14.95

DUREX Extra Safe 1x12 DUREX Extra Safe 1x12 sale

DUREX Extra Safe 1x12

Durex Display Extra Safe 1X12..

€10.79 €11.99

DUREX Extra Safe 1x20 DUREX Extra Safe 1x20 sale

DUREX Extra Safe 1x20

Durex Extra Safe 1X 20pcs..

€16.46 €18.29

Durex Extra Safe 3 pcs sale

Durex Extra Safe 3 pcs

Durex Extra Safe 3 pcs..

€3.56 €3.95

DUREX Orgasm Intense 1x10 DUREX Orgasm Intense 1x10 sale

DUREX Orgasm Intense 1x10

Durex Orgasm Intense 1X10pc..

€12.59 €13.99

DUREX Originals Classic 1x3 DUREX Originals Classic 1x3 sale

DUREX Originals Classic 1x3

Durex Extra Safe 1X 3pcs..

€4.49 €4.99

DUREX Originals Extra Safe 1x3 DUREX Originals Extra Safe 1x3 sale

DUREX Originals Extra Safe 1x3

Durex Classic Naturel 1X 3pcs..

€7.19 €7.99

Durex Topsafe Condooms 20st sale

Durex Topsafe Condooms 20st

Durex Topsafe Condoms are slightly thicker than standard Durex Condoms and therefore provide more se..

€17.96 €19.95

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BodyTalk.nl has a wide range of standard condoms. These are the normal condoms without color or extra properties. Possibly with lubricant or reservoir. Standard condoms are suitable for both vaginal sex and anal or oral sex. BodyTalk.nl always has a large stock of standard condoms and at competitive prices.