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DUREX Extra Safe 1x20

DUREX Extra Safe 1x20     

 Den Helder

  • €16.46 €18.29

Durex Extra Safe 1X 20pcs
Durex Extra Safe 1X 20pcs
Category TAMPONS
Color Natural
Durex theNetherlands/France

TABOOM is a comprehensive brand of toy essentials. The collection includes all types of popular toy categories, meaning there’s something for every preference and budget. The non-intimidating brand caters ideally to entry-level consumers, but may also thrill more advanced players. Priced competitively, TABOOM makes erotic fun affordable to all, whilst enabling retailers to take advantage of very attractive sales margins. The brand uses modern, cohesive packaging on products, allowing you to mix and match your favorites in one, striking in-store display.

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