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Gold Dickers The Perfect Vibe

New at Bodytalk, the Gold Dickers from the Get Real by TOYJOY range. These golden colored vibes have great natural appeal, making them the perfect treat for your sex game. Real's best selling models now upgraded with a gorgeous gold finish. The gift-ready Gold Dickers are available in 3 variants, Original, Slim and Stim. Each model has its own specific appeal, but they all feature realistic details and swivel-to-use swivel controls. From pulsating veins to pronounced head, the Gold Dickers are packed with lifelike fun enhanced by a luxurious gold finish. Made from premium silicone, the vibes are also smooth and silky to the touch, hypoallergenic and easy to clean. The Gold Dickers vibes are affordable and of good quality.

New silicone arrivals in Get Real by TOYJOY

Exciting news from Get Real by TOYJOY, the collection has been expanded with the Silicone Dong and the Silicone Dildo with Balls. These 2 high-quality designs offer all-natural lifelike pleasure bundled in realistic and sexy shapes. These new arrivals to the Get Real by TOYJOY collection are designed to hit the right sensitive areas and are made from premium hypoallergenic silicone. Both shapes have a light skin tone and natural shape with realistic accents such as veins and skin folds. The difference between the designs is that the dong only mimics the shaft while the dildo also comes with plush balls to enhance the natural appeal. Both designs have a strong suction cup base for hands-free fun. When it comes to lifelike play these silicone molds are simply must-haves for all lovers of realistic fun The new Silicone Dong is available in a 7.5 inch and 8.5 inch version the silicone dildo in a 7 inch and 8 inch version. inch option Discover the new silicone dong and silicone dildo at Bodytalk online now and find out why it's time to play with these lifelike premium silicone toys.

Sensual foreplay with Kama Sutra s Divine Nectars

Treat your partner to Kama Sutra's new Divine Nectars. A water-based edible body glide with luscious flavor. The body-safe formula delivers maximum flavor and sexy glide making it the ultimate foreplay. Kama Sutra's Essential Divine Nectars is now available from Bodytalk in 3 sensual varieties. Kama Sutra's Divine Nectars can be used anywhere on the body. The premium formula adds the perfect amount of slip and glide to any intimate activity, with a delicious splash of juicy, kissable flavor. Drizzle it all over the body where you - or your partner - want to be kissed too. Rub it, kiss it and lick it. The possibilities are endless. The Divine Nectars body glide from Kama Sutra comes in 3 flavor options. Strawberry dreams, a burst of juicy strawberry nectar, Coconut-Pineapple, Sweet creamy coconut with a dash of juicy pineapple nectar and Vanilla Créme Luscious, sweet vanilla nectar Discover the sensual Divine Nectars from Kama Sutra and buy these sexy tasty lubricants today at Bodytalk.nl

Get flexible with the new We-Vibe Nova 2

New and ready to discover the We-Vibe Nova 2 .. This "Tarzan" style vibe is super flexible and hits all your hotspots with ease. If you fantasize about a vibrator that effortlessly follows your movements in the heat of the sex game, the Nova 2 is your dream come true. The Nova 2 from We-Vibe offers the perfect fit for every woman. The rabbit style vibe comes with an ergonomic clit stimulator, offering maximum flexibility. This means it moves with the shaft of the vibe teasing your G-spot. Because the clit stimulator stays in constant contact with the clitoris, you can enjoy the powerful vibrations non-stop. The flexible Nova 2 is USB rechargeable and made of soft skin-friendly silicone. The design is also compatible with the We-Connect mobile app. It allows you to control it via your smartphone and create new custom vibration patterns to indulge your senses. Discover the new We-Vibe Nova 2 at Bodytalk online and order this flexible beauty today.

Share the fun with S8's Together Kit

New and ready to order from Bodytalk. The S8 Together Kit. This kit includes the sexy S8 Spark Clitoral Gel for women and the S8 Delay Gel for men so both partners can share the pleasure and ignite the passion in one stunning session of lovemaking The new S8 Together Kit is now available to Bodytalk customers The kit is perfect to use together or just as a naughty gift for yourself. When you use the S8 Spark Clitoral Gel and the S8 Delay Gel together, the Spark will excite the feminine senses and erogenous zones, while the Delay allows it to go on for longer. The perfect Spark and Delay duo is a premium combination for couples to explore their desires at the same time. That's why S8 has bundled the two body-safe formulas into one playful set.

It s time to Get Real with the new Double Dong

New and ready to order at Bodytalk the Get Real Double Dong.

This dual-ended dong offers double intimate fun and can be used for solo playing or sharing the fun with a partner. The new Get Real Double Dong is available in two sizes 14 inch and 16 inch.

The new Double Dong from the Get Real by TOYJOY collection has a double-sided silhouette for twice as much intimate pleasure. The D.ouble Dong is body safe and made of high quality phthalate free PVC. The design has many realistic details, such as pulsating veins and well-defined round acorns. Flexible, yet firm soft feel and yet just the right amount of hardness. This sexy Double Dong ticks all the right boxes If you want double fun and double stimulation it's time to become Real with this TOYJOY favorite.

Discover the Get Real Double Dong at Bodytalk online now and give your sex life the real pleasure where it is have been longing for with this lifelike new purchase.

Hit all the high notes with the We-Vibe Chorus

The new Chorus by We-Vibe-couple stimulator is now ready to order at Bodytalk.nl. With the classic We-Vibe appearance but with many new ultramodern functionalities. Chorus is a toy that stands out with the right chord and makes your erogenous zones sing with pleasure.

The new We-Vibe Chorus is packed with advanced state-of-the-art features. The Chorus's massager has 3 new innovative features that make it the most advanced couples vibrator ever, according to We-Vibe. An upgrade from the classic We-Vibe to the bestseller Chorus is an indispensable step for couples who like to share the erotic pleasure.

The 3 new features of the We-Vibe Chorus compared to the previous We-Vibe toys for couples are Squeeze remotes Touch-Sense Controls and AnkorLink trading technology.

Chorus, the pinch control function, offers a new intuitive way to control the intensity of the stimulation. The toy's new Squeeze Remote has been designed with the most natural human response in mind We-Vibe explains; The more you squeeze, the stronger the vibration, when you release your grip, the stimulation weakens. For truly hands-free playing, you can also control the chorus with a touch-sense remote control. We-Vibe Chorus has built-in sensors that respond to your body. While playing, you can use your movements to control the vibration. Pair the Chorus with the We-Connect app to choose from three different Touch Sense modes. Each mode is uniquely designed to respond differently to your touch. Also new is that the Chorus connects to AnkorLink trading technology, an all-new connectivity innovation - and a more reliable alternative to Bluetooth. AnkorLink provides a reliable and stable connection between your Chorus and the We-Connect app, allowing you to control the toys via your smartphone

Discover the We-Vibe Chorus at Bodytalk.nl.

SeXentials by TOYJOY introducing the new Magnificent

Now ready to order from Bodytalk, the Magnificent massager from the SeXentials by TOYJOY collection. This innovative new massager has multiple attachments for pleasure and can provide up to 20,000 vibrations per minute, with endless scenarios for the intimate play. The Magnificent stimulator is an innovative new vibrator in the SeXentials by TOYJOY collection. This ultra modern simulator can be used in all kinds of sexy ways. Enjoy a mini massage of your erogenous zones with the spherical massager attachment. create clitoral stimulation with the dual-ended tickler or seduce the senses by using the stimulator as a naughty cone stimulator. The options are simply Magnificent. This premium collection in the SeXentials by TOYJOY collection is USB rechargeable made of high quality top silicone and produces more than 20,000 vibrations per minute. Competitively priced, the Magnificent massager makes state-of-the-art design affordable for every enthusiast. Get to know the new Magnificent online at Bodytalk

The soft nourishing delight of S8 s Aloe Vera lubricant

Have you already discovered the gentle nourishing pleasure of the premium Aloe Vera lubricant from S8? This water-based formula is a fantastic alternative for consumers looking for a natural lubricant that feels soft and soft in sensitive areas. The water-based S8 Aloe Vera lubricant is ideal for those who crave body-safe quality lubricants for personal intimacy. This great formula of S8 contains special compounds derived from Aloe Vera known for its natural moisturizing effect. This quality choice in lubricant adds sensational sliding and softness while being safe and soft for the sensitive spots around your hotspots. The water-based Aloe Vera lubricant is completely paraben-free phthalate-free gluten-free sulfate-free plus contains no added colors or aggressive preservatives for a completely natural appearance With medical approval, the S8 Aloe Vera water-based lubricant also complies with all current EU regulations regarding intimate care products and makes it a reliable, competitively priced and transparent alternative to other non-approved choices on the market. Benefit today from the natural appeal of S8's Aloe Vera lubricant as an addition to your range for intimate care with this nourishing and hydrating glide.

Profitable new PRIVATE arrivals

An exciting update from PRIVATE !! The brand has expanded its collection with 4 new sensational masturbators copied from your favorite PRIVATE pornstars. Give your feelings a chance to get up close and personal with Shona River, Jolee Love, Gabi Gold and Gibenra Bellucci - and order your favorite masturbators exclusively today at Bodytalk The new PRIVATE masturbators that are currently ready to order at Bodytalk are the Shona River Pornstar mouth, the Jolee Love Pornstar vagina and the Gabi Gold Pornstar vagina. The new Ginebra Belucci vagina arrives next week. The new masturbators are crafted after the PRIVATE Girls actual curves making them an absolutely indispensable toy for fans of this sexy actress. Each PRIVATE tube has a realistic inner structure and a tight opening that delivers mind-blowing stimulation exactly where you want it. Made from premium materials and to the highest quality standards, the PRIVATE Girls masturbators are a durable, body-safe and exciting choice in masturbation pleasure. Discover the new PRIVATE masturbators online at Bodytalk.nl.

The mind-blowing thrusting power of the Pulse One and Pulse Two

Have you already discovered the state-of-the-art pleasure of the revolutionary Pulse One and Pulse Two by Mae B These vibes feature special Magnetic Induction Technology that produces a mind-blowing thrusting action Curious about how they work Then check out the new product video demo via the Bodytalk website

The premium Pulse One vibrator and Pulse Two rabbit-vibrator by Mae B is a sensational choice to thrust your senses into seventh heaven Both vibes feature a unique Magnetic Induction Technology This means that each style comes with a magnetic weight on the interior that shuttles the entire vibe back and forth creating a sensational self-thrusting motion The difference between the new designs is that the Pulse One focuses solely on thrusting action whilst the Pulse Two comes with an additional vibrating clit stimulator giving pin-point pleasure right where you want it nbsp

To visualize the incredible thrusting abilities and chic aesthetics of the Pulse One and Pulse Two by Mae B Bodytalk has created a special demo product video The product video is available via the Bodytalk website or you can contact your Bodytalk Account Manager to request the video materials Check out the wonderful working of the Pulse One and Pulse Two by Mae B today

Minimum effort maximum pleasure with the Hydro Power Blower

Good news for fans of TOYJOY Manpower the best-selling Hydro Power Blower from the collection is fully in stock at Bodytalk. This sensational automated masturbator in the TOYJOY range does all the hard work for you and can be used wet or dry - making it a versatile favorite among male users. TOYJOY Manpower's popular Hydro Power Blower is designed for maximum satisfaction with minimal effort. The quality masturbator features automated stroking action, simply place it over your penis and let it work. The creators of the Hydro Power Blower wanted to give men more play options, resulting in a model that can be used dry or wet - as the special double-ended design allows water to flow through the tunnel Whether you take it to bed take or shower, the Hydro Power Blower delivers unparalleled results. The best of TOYJOY Manpower's Hydro Power Blower offers premium functionality and quality, but is also surprising and very affordable. Offers men automated fun.

NEW ICON Superbe 2 Couples Massager

New to Bodytalk, the ICON Superbe 2 Couples Massager by TOYJOY Designer Edition. Designed for endless play scenarios, this unique remote-controlled couple vibrator is the ultimate choice for a passionate adventurous and enjoyable love life.The Icon Superbe 2 Couple massager from TOYJOY Designer Edition is the perfect blend of state-of-the-art functionality and elegant aesthetics. Use it for sensual solo play, move it over your partner's erogenous zones during a sexy full-body massage or slide it around the shaft of the penis for dazzling double stimulation during intercourse. The ToyJOY Designer Edition Icon Superbe couples massager features 7 thrilling modes of pulsation, 3 vibration speeds and comes with a wireless remote control for endless play scenarios. The Icon Superbe is also USB rechargeable waterproof and made of luxuriously soft-touch silicone. Packed in a chic keepsake box, this stunning choice from the TOYJOY Designer Edition range is an exciting treat for both partners to enjoy. Discover the trendy appeal of Bodytalk online now.

Double the pleasure with Bangers new arrivals

Give your consumers the chance to experience double the intimate fun with Bangers newest arrivals the Tight Flip Fucker and the Snug Double Fucker These quality masturbators feature a double-sided design offering two sensational orifices for the price of one

The new Tight Flip Fucker and the Snug Double Fucker are now ready to order at Bodytalk Each masturbator is made of premium TPR and features sensational realistic detailing Crafted with a great eye for detail these naughty masturbators may just feel better than the real thing just don t tell your wife or girlfriend we said that hellip nbsp

The Tight Flip Fucker has both a vaginal and an oral orifice The Snug Double Fucker has both a vaginal and an anal orifice These double-sided orifices allow you to switch between different types of stimulation based on what kind of naughty fun you re craving Oral anal any hole Each orifice is followed by a tight pleasurable and sensationally textured canal that will indulge your manhood with mind-blowing stimulation

A 2-in-1 appeal bundled in one attractive-priced and realistic masturbator what s not to love about that Get introduced to the Tight Flip Fucker and the Snug Double Fucker from the Bangers collection at Bodytalk online

More Get Real by TOYJOY pleasure

Good news for fans of realistic dildos. The Get Real by TOYJOY collection now offers 2 new exciting models. The new Dual Density Dildo 6 Inch Balls and Dual Density 9 Inch Dong are the real deal with unlimited satisfaction with their meaty luxurious look The new Dildo 6 Inch Balls and Dual Density 9 Inch Dong are designed to cover all your intimate hot spots touch. This premium dildo and dong have a skin tone and a natural silhouette with a strong suction cup base allowing for lots of hands-free fun. The designs have meticulously crafted details to enhance their natural appeal, while the premium dual density material provides double the intimate pleasure. The toy with its soft exterior and sturdy core forms an irresistible combination that will blow you away with its sensational feel. Made of high-quality TPE and packaged in a contemporary way, the Dildo 6-Inch Balls and Dual Density 9-Inch Dong from the Get Real by TOYJOY collection indispensable for all lovers of realistic pleasure Discover the natural appeal of the new Dildo 6-Inch Balls and Dual Density 9-Inch Dong at Bodytalk.t

S8 awarded Best Lubricant Line Award by SIGN

Did you know that the S8 Intimate Care collection has just won a SIGN Award for the best product line for selection of lubricants? That's right. It's not only users who love the smooth silky look of S8, but also the international expert and the best news is that Bodytalk has an excellent stock of all S8 lubricants. The S8 collection is all about natural appeal. The brand, which is available through Bodytalk, has chosen to use plant-derived compounds to deliver maximum satisfaction rather than relying on unnecessary chemicals. Every lube formula in the S8 line range therefore has an impressive list of natural buying arguments. They contain no added colors or harsh preservatives. And S8 goes beyond just producing body-safe natural formulas to enhance intimacy. The brand also complies with all European legislation for intimate care products. Lubricants in the S8 collection are marked with a medical grade trademark printed on the packaging. This means that they meet quality standards set by the European Union for personal care products, making S8 truly a trustworthy and reliable choice in erotic wellness.

Bangers by Hidden Desire an award-winning collection

Did you know that Bangers from Hidden Desire is now an award-winning collection? The brand recently won the Best Adult Masterbators category at the SIGN Awards, confirming its impressive popularity with users and the adult industry alike. The best news is that Bodytalk customers can order them now and they are in stock. Bangers from Hidden Desire is the brand for lovers of realistic lifelike fun. This quality collection of masturbators offers sensational pleasure that may feel even better than the real thing, just don't tell your girlfriend or wife, Bangers are made to give men the ultimate lifelike masturbation experience. The range offers over a dozen different products, from compact portable masturbators to big bold booty-shaped designs. Bangers satisfies all your needs and your masculinity. Made from premium materials, this collection is durable and meets the highest quality standards. Mix and match your favorites and discover all the sensational textures and lifelike appeal of the fantastic Bangers masturbators collection